PLAY (Pāʻani)

Our Air-Conditioned and gated indoor playground offers imaginative play, climbing structures, tunnels, magnets, dress up, and other fun developmental appropriate toys for keiki under 10.

Let's Play

Eat & Drink (Inu & Kaukau)

Our full coffee shop offers iced and hot espresso drinks, smoothies, juices, and lemonades. We will also offer healthy snack and meal pre-packaged options like salads, PBJ, charcuterie boards, sandwiches yogurts, and more. You'll never have to leave ;)

PARTY (Hoʻolauleʻa)

First Birthday Luaus, keiki parties, parent outings, homeschool get-togethers and more, can be so much more fun in the A/C with some iced coffee and snacks!

Let's Party

Why Keiki & Kope is so important

As a business owner and mom of three, I have spent the entire motherhood part of my life searching for a welcoming space that not only is safe and entertaining for my kids, but also caters to me as a tired and overworked parent who needs a break.

As much as I love my home in Hawai'i, it is definitely lacking support for keiki, makua, kupuna, and ohana.

I am dedicated to creating the space that I've always needed and crave, and that I know many others do too. I look forward to creating a community center that not only welcomes all people, but supports them.