I started Keiki and Kope in large part to an 'oleo no'eau which touched my heart and really kick me in the butt to start this journey.

"I kua na'u" - Give me your burden

This really solidified in me the understanding that we do not have the resources available here for local parents to truly have a place where their burden can be lessened.

I wanted to create a spot where you can truly relax. Eat some real food, drink something cold or hot because you ordered it that way, and actually sit in a comfortable couch with your legs up. Scroll on your phone, do some work, read a book from our library, play a board game from our collection (maybe with another adult you meet at Keiki and Kope!), and just have a moment of adult interaction. And do all of this while your keiki play with other little one's in a safe, fun, creative play area that is completely secure, fenced off, and easily visible from every area of the cafe.

As a local mama to three young keiki, I know first hand how living on our beautiful 'aina goes hand in hand with very limited options for families.
I am constantly at different parks in the blazing heat or pouring rain, searching for keiki activities from South Kona to Waimea, and constantly looking for some type of community for them and for myself.

I also struggled as a business owner and stay at home / work from home homeschool parent to find time to work, homeschool my keiki, to give myself breaks, and to care for my keiki and my home.

We want Keiki and Kope to become a community center for adult classes (financial 101, investing 101, lauhala weaving, dance, art, hula, oleo hawaii, sewing etc), keiki classes (homeschool and educational, art, dance, zumbini, developmental, music, etc), open creative play, work from home and entrepreneur work space, and an area for all people in the community to come together and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

To join a hui that feels like ohana.

Help Us Create A Community Center