Birthday Party & Event Packages!

What do all of our parties come with?

Every single party and event automatically comes with the following:

  • Completely private 3800ft2 space rental including full keiki play zone and full cafe area for parents and adults to comfortably sit and relax during the event.
  • Up to 10 keiki included in all party events (can add additional keiki)
  • 2 hours of party time
  • 30 minutes of set-up and break-down time
  • 1x Barista / Party assistant to help set-up, break-down and assist
  • Post party clean up
  • Ice Water
  • Plates, Napkins & Silverware

& we have more than enough add ons & modifications to make your day perfect!

Our Coffee Shop & Cafe can also be open for coffee, drink, and food purchases for every event & party (unless requested not to)

  • DIY Basically Awesome

    The 3800ft2 place is all yours for a private 2-hour party with everything listed above.

    You provide all food, drinks, and decor and we clean up! The perfect DIY party.

  • Deluxe "Lighten Your Load" Awesomeness

    The 3800ft2 place is all yours for a private 2-hour party with everything listed above PLUS:

    2 large 1 or 2 topping pizzas
    Fresh fruit tray 
    Juice boxes for up to 10 keiki
    Light Decor (Matching solid colored table clothes and matching solid colored plates, cups, and silverware to your theme color)

  • Premium "Done For You" Awesome Sauce

    Everything in our basically awesome package AND our deluxe awesomeness package PLUS the following:

    Veggie Platter

    Waffle Station

    24 Themed Cupcakes
    Fully Themed Decor (Custom themed tablecloths, plates, cups, present table decor, backdrop & balloon arch)
    Themed Custom Goodie Bags (up to 10)

  • Baby Shower/Sprinkle

    You'll get everything that comes in our basic party package PLUS:

    Juice and fresh fruit bar (available for Mimosa bar station)
    Waffle Bar
    Fresh Fruit Platter
    Fresh Veggie Platter with dip
    Themed Favors (10)
    Parent/s to be special seating and backdrop
    Decorated present table and balloon arch

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